Compact Full Bathroom

Of all the recent bathroom projects, this is the least exciting but it does still have some great high points.


Shower with lighted glass blocks

It bears repeating that even if you never actually use the handheld head for showering, it makes cleaning the shower area much easier.


As with every shower I have done, there is an overhead shower head as well as a hand-held shower head.


Shower Heads and Controller

The wall tile is a simple, large format porcelain with a brushed marble accent strip.


Marble Trim

The marble accent comes back at the base of the shower door and along the wall below the shower door.


Mosaic Tile Floor

The marble mosaic tile floor is quite similar to the accent strip and utilizes a tile-in drain, making the drain somewhat less visible. Many of the the tiles have groves cut into the surface which provides for even more traction, even when the floor is soapy.


Most notable in this bathroom is the LED glass block light panel.

Glass Block Light Panel

Adjusting the color of these LED light panels allows you to add some atmosphere to your showering experience.

You can see more about this concept lighting here.


This is a small room so by necessity the shower stall is also smallish.

Building a cubby into the wall opposite the shower heads, provides space for shampoo, soap and the like.

Cubby for Accessories

The stainless-steel grab bar is great for guests that are not always stable and it’s a handy place to hang a wash cloth.


Grohe Euphoria System 180





And as with every shower I have done, this one has thermostatically controlled water. In this caseĀ  its a simple one-piece wall mounted Grohe Euphoria System 180 that controls both shower heads.

Wall Cabinet




I stole a bit of space from the adjoining laundry room to add a small storage closet. And just visible at the top is the air exhaust vent.

Having ventilation in a bathroom is a necessity and using a remote motor makes it virtually silent.

Having now written this text, I have decided that actually there is a lot to say about this bathroom.


Really, it’s just the vanity that is not exciting but surrounding it is a white wainscoting and there is a comfort height toilet so… It;s all good!