Wall Unit ~ Pantry, Bedroom, etc

I’ve said it before – Cabinets can be just cabinets or they can be a bit more. More for me means functional, attractive and a good utilization of space. This is a unit that fills the end of one room. We use the room as a pantry and office but it could be a bedroom as well.

Wall Unit

At the top is some open space, in this case it’s filled with the plethora of vases we have. The center display area has ceramic tile which can take all kind of abuse and the side walls are paneled with a simple wainscoting.

Sliding Shelves

Besides the massive amount of organized storage that thirteen drawers and eight cabinet areas provide, behind the large lower doors are sliding full-extension shelves for easy access to the items stored.

Drawer Detail

Most of my cabinet and drawer construction is plywood. It is actually a bit less enjoyable to work with as compared to solid wood but it’s strength and stability make it a great choice, especially for drawers.