Display Cabinets ~ Bar, Den, Kitchen, etc

Cabinets can be just cabinets or they can be a bit more. More for me means functional, attractive and a good utilization of space.

Display Cabinet

These Display Cabinet are behind the bar

We could have done something from Ikea but it’s pretty much impossible to buy off-the-shelf cabinets to really fit a specific area and this is one of those situations.

These are pretty simple particle board boxes with solid wood Shaker style doors while the back is a Masonite covered French Cleat frame for hanging on the wall.

Door Handles as shelf brackets

I knew interior lights would be part of the finished project so glass shelves made the most sense but I wanted something a bit different for supporting the glass. These are actually stainless-steel cabinet door pulls.


Blum hinges

I pretty much exclusively use Blum hinges.


Cabinet Lighting

For the lighting there are LEDs in the cabinet and on top of the cabinet, controlled with independent dimmers.